January 8th, 2019

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Yesterday I had to take a drive to an appointment so I made the best of it. While I was out I was (conveniently) just in time for lunch so I looked around for something different. I came across a Hawaiian restaurant and I knew what I wanted if they had it (and I was sure they did). I got a snack of Spam musubi and a strawberry/passion fruit juice drink. Delicious.


Spam musubi and strawberry/passion fruit juice

I stopped and got a few new shirts for a partial wardrobe makeover. Making some personal changes. After that I went a music/record/CD store that was going out of business and scored a few great deals. One of the deals I got was a stereo Beatles box set with ALL of their albums in it (there is a mono version as well). I was really excited about that score…especially for the price I got it at.

I went to a grocery store and discovered something interesting about this particular store – they do not carry products that basically have ingredients you cannot pronounce. Another plus is the local produce they carry is organic and is labeled with the farm name. They have contractual restrictions on what ingredients/additives the providers can use or they will not carry their items. I kinda like that idea so I will be making the drive to get my groceries there.

While there I picked up a bunch of rainbow carrots. The ones I roasted with the Hello Fresh meal were something new I reluctantly tried (I don’t like carrots. Not at all…I don’t like carrots in the Fall. Not in a box… Oh. Sorry.). I was definitely a fan of those roasted with a drizzle of oil and salt/pepper.

With the health issues ravaging my family it’s time for some changes. I’ve been getting my walking in and eating less processed foods. I don’t eat much fast food but every now and then I will stop in for something. I have been trying to do better by eating healthier meals and now it’s time to start using better and fresher ingredients – Hello Fresh really reinforced the use of quality of ingredients and it makes a huge difference in taste.

I went back to watching some more “Seinfeld” and then I switched to watching a Canadian show called “Letterkenny“. It is hilarious but many people will be offended so don’t watch it if you are easily offended. It has some harsh language and can be juvenile in spots, but it is so sarcastic, quirky and funny I got hooked and have been laughing my ass off. I guess it started as a parody website.

I finally decided to just stay close to home and save some money instead of travel. With the shutdown affecting TSA if I want to fly someplace I’m not playing the game with congestion and security problems potentially affecting my travel. All the federal lands are closed so I cannot spend time at places like Mt. St. Helens like I was considering doing as a quick and easy getaway in the trailer. I can sit at home cheaper than I can sit in the trailer.

Until next time…

Aloha and Mahalo, Hawai’i!

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It is a bit warm outside as I sit in the airport typing this entry waiting for my flight to go back home. My rental car had 82 on the thermometer when I dropped it off, and with the humidity it is getting pretty warm to me.

This has been a great trip. I accomplished my goals of getting my boating certifications, and I had some time to explore the island. I also made a few new friends in a beautiful place that I had not been before.

The food was really good. That Spam sushi was something I am going to have to figure out how to make. I am hooked on that stuff. And Leonard’s… had one last visit (my seventh, I believe) for breakfast this morning and got a pineapple roll for the plane.

Most everyone I met were very friendly. For a touristy place that is busy, traffic runs pretty well.

The weather… What can you say about 75-80 degrees every day? It got pretty warm due to the humidity when it got to the 80s. That is why they make air conditioners, though. And the ocean.

I accomplished a few firsts – first trip to Hawai’i, first time snorkeling, and my first time in a tropical location.

Every place you visit has its own downsides. Here it was expensive for things at the grocery store. Want a gallon of milk? Plan on a fiver and change. Cheap old white hamburger buns? That’ll be three bucks, thank you. Gas was $3.75-4.00 a gallon. Luckily I got to stay in the Service’s bunk house or that would have been maybe $140 a night.

I can definitely see coming back here at some point in the future and revisiting some people and places and exploring another island or two as well.