November 20th, 2020

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My eye was a little better this morning and the appointment went good. Some of the things calmed down as I slept so that was a real relief. If I am looking at something at arm’s length I can read somewhat. I came home last night, took my glasses out of my pocket, and I put them in a drawer until I can get them replaced. It will be about a month then I’ll go get a new lens prescription for reading. It is so weird not having glasses on for the last 24 hours. I’ll be curious to see how I see tomorrow morning.

I made a stop at Trader Joe’s while in the area. I had left early in case of traffic so I thought I would swing in and kill a few minutes grabbing some snacks before the appointment. After the appointment I needed to kill a few more minutes since the dog was still getting groomed so I went BACK and got a few frozen things. I think the frozen section is interesting as they have not only a great selection of interesting items, they are also smaller portions and that is a welcomed change. One thing I bought the second trip in was some frozen Hasselbeck potatoes. Thin-sliced potato, crispy on the outside and the inside is oh-so-velvety-smooth. These bad-boys are worth buying in multiples.

TJ’s is a European-owned chain (one of the two Aldi companies owns it) so perhaps that is why the smaller portions/packaging sizes. I like both Aldi and TJ’s but I do wish we had an Aldi close by. I do like smaller physical stores like these two chains have, and along with that is that with the store-branding you are not overwhelmed with choices and it’s not really a bad thing since the items are all really good.

I picked up the dog and I guess he was a bad dog at 4:30 this morning and dealt with the wrath of the groomer lady. I knew he would learn who is boss from her; she’s been doing this a while and don’t take ūüí© off of any of the animals. She also had to lay the law down with him when he was getting groomed as well.

It’s been a busy few days recently but I have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow morning so I can hopefully sleep in some. I will probably be calling about storage for the trailer to get that off my to-do list. I’ll be pulling some things out of the trailer since I have nothing else here for kitchen, etc. than what is in the trailer. There is some stuff there so I will see what I need and figure it out. Obviously the less I need to take out the better.

It will be odd having that much room and being in a place again. Things change so it is time to adapt and I need to think about the future and the things going on. I still have Colorado on my mind but I have things here I need to do. It may just end up that I will go back and forth between here and there. Staying put for a bit is fine and it gives me some breathing room for the time being to sort out a few things. I was doing good for a little while, but I think I am now up to 17 or 18 different addresses since 2012. Being fairly stationary the last few years was kind of nice I will say, but I did get to where I was ready to travel and I did take some trips (but you know that).

I just finished watching the series “Long Way Up”. It was just like the other two series but this time it was on electric motorcycles (except the cameraman on a V-twin Harley) and with electric support vehicles. They rode the tip of South America all the way to Los Angeles. It was a good series, but of the three I like “Long Way ’round” the best. It was the first one and they went to some cool places. I think the thing with it was the newness of everything they were trying, especially on a personal level. But in all three series they are going through several foreign countries on one trip, seeing so much and meeting so many along the way. Makes me ready to pack my pack and head to the airport.

I see that the clock says it is now tomorrow so I think I will go to bed. TTFN!

Trader Joe’s

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Today I took a friend to the mall to exchange the earrings I bought last week for some others that I could actually install myself, plus we ran some other errands. It is really starting to feel like it is not such a long ways to go that way after doing it a few times – not really much longer than the trips I would make in Colorado to go to the shopping areas there.

One place we went to was Trader Joe’s. Now, I have heard all the hype about the place but I did not know what to expect. I figured it was a cool place from the things I had heard so I had to check it out. The one we went to was small, and I was told it was smaller than many to be fair about it. It was an okay place, and I did buy a few things I do not see elsewhere, but not quite the chorus of angels singing as I stepped through the doorway. It was a little different than what I imagined in that I really expected a place that looked like a cheesy tiki bar inside, with stuff everywhere. Instead, it was basically a fairly organized health food grocery store.

One thing they are famous for is something called “Two Buck Chuck”. I walked around and did not see it so I ended up asking about it. It was not labeled with that name… it was just some brand that is not famous and goes by the slang name I guess. I did buy a bottle of that to try for a whopping $2.47, but last week I got a bottle from Walmart that was $2.97 and it was actually not bad… fortunately and surprisingly it did not taste like Mad Dog, Arbor Mist, or Boone’s Farm. It was not sickeningly sweet and actually had fruit flavor instead of some form of paint thinner with “peppery overtones and an oaky finish”… whatever in the hell that is supposed to mean. If I want that flavor, I will get some beef jerky.

Anyhoo, I got that and another bottle of “Blackstone Delectable Red” to try that was inexpensive¬†and a guy there recommended as being decent for the money. Being a novice at this wine thing I do not know what I am really doing, but I do not have the money to piss away on undrinkable grape-flavored diesel fuel. I want something that tastes good – good meaning you can drink a whole bottle and enjoy it but it doesn’t have to taste like a wine cooler. The “Two Buck” was fruity and sweet; not really too bad but thin. The other bottle is less sweet and flavorful, but has a pretty full body.

I will try Joe’s again, but a different store next time and walk through a little slower to see if I can fully engage in the hype. I need to go to REI and want to hit the flagship store in Seattle, so maybe I will do that, find a Trader Joe’s, and do a few other things when I am across the Sound.

This evening I went down to check on a few things on The Spit. The storms are on their way – we are expecting a temperature drop, winds, rain, and even some damn snow down at 500 feet. Good thing I am at 87! It was pretty breezy when I was down there, and the seafoam is really kicking up:

Seafoam and a Storm Coming in - Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge - Sequim, WA

Seafoam and a Storm Coming in – Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge – Sequim, WA