March 20th, 2019

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Another perfect day of weather today. I got home and put on a t-shirt and shorts, tossed a salmon burger on the grill for a sandwich and made up some southwestern spicy hash browns to go with it. Dinner on the patio, some sunshine, it’s nearly 70 degrees again…and life is pretty damn good!

I’ve been outside a lot more and I have been quite active, especially with the beautiful days we have been having. Still keeping quite conscious of the sun exposure, avoiding the mid-day sun, wearing sleeves and hats plus being in the shady areas.

Another couple of tomato seeds sprouted in one of my pots in the window today so that was a nice surprise to come home to. Funny, I was just looking at that very same pot this morning thinking “Where are you?!”. I got home and there they were…newborns! I have another one that is about 3″ tall now that got its main leaves last week so it is doing very well. I just pull seeds out of tomatoes I like that I get at the store and start from that – those came from somewhere too. Yeah, it is easier to just buy a started plant but this is free. Plus there is the challenge.

I hopefully will have better luck than last year, but last year there was a lot going on and I wasn’t really able to be home and take care of them like I needed to since I was going back to KS for my Dad. I have gotten to know a few of my neighbors pretty well so I am sure they would help me out watering if something came up and I needed help with it. Rain is coming in this weekend so that will help with the watering. I watered a little bit ago and I didn’t realize I had so much planted until I watered everything all at once!

I bought a couple of avocados the other day so I am gonna be planting those seeds and see what happens. I planted one a few years ago and the thing ended up being a monster…about NINE FEET TALL! Seriously, it grew and got that tall but only had about five branches. It was hard to take care of in Colorado with the weather but may do good here in Washington’s humidity. I need to look up how to take care of them. I may leave these in small pots and prune them so they won’t get so big and unwieldy…like my palm tree in a pot in the yard. It’s in a pot about two or three feet across and is about six feet tall and a real hassle to move. I am actually surprised it lived thorough the winter but it’s doing great.

Even with this weekend’s rain I may take a drive someplace. There should be fewer people out and the weather will be a big part of people staying home. A good time for me to get out and about. I need to get new lenses in my glasses so that may be what I get done. With the rain I guess being in the mall won’t be AS bad…

My MacBook Pro has been having a lot of issues, and each time I get it back from repair it has cosmetic issues that it didn’t have when it left my house. I raised hell with Apple about all the issues I have had and they are now replacing mine with a new one. It has been very frustrating but it is getting handled so I am happy with that. It’s not the refund I really wanted, but this is the next best thing.

I started going to a chiropractor to try to get some relief from my back pain and headaches. It is pretty bad most days but this seems to be helping some along with the acupuncture. Being up and around instead of sitting is definitely better but the relief is just not happening fast enough.

That’s all I have for now.

Fall Colors

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If you have not been out to check out the Fall colors yet, they are spectacular this year here in Washington.

I took these pictures on a recent adventure on the way back from my all-time favorite taco joint. They are not altered in any way – it is how they looked when I took them with my iPhone 6.


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Get out and about! I know it is supposed to rain all over Washington this weekend, but it would be worth the trip. Be sure to take your camera!

Trees. Big Trees.

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I have spent the best part of the last two weeks with a few co-workers identifying hazard trees in campgrounds. We have looked at hundreds of trees and have found signs of disease while wandering through the woods dodging devil’s club and downed giants – climbing over, around, and through the sometimes tangled understory.

While wandering about it is quite interesting to not just look at the trees, since that is what we are doing to look for problems, but to touch and be up close and personal with them. A few Douglas Fir trees that we looked at were massive – over six feet around the trunk and one was nearly 300 feet tall. Think about that for a moment…THREE HUNDRED FEET! That is one big tree. And those are not even as big as the some of the redwoods or giant sequoia.

It makes me think about what the views are from the top of that majestic tree. That has to be incredible. I know that there are people who climb to the top of the redwoods for research and that has to be an amazing thing to do. There are canopy tour companies and I may just have to find one in California and give that a try. (I have another tree-based adventure I am planning on doing this summer. I will post on that only when I actually get to do it.)

It also makes me think about the things these trees have seen in their lifetimes and the challenges they overcame (and keep having to struggle through thanks to humans) to become that big and live that long. They have not been around nearly as long as the bristlecone pines we saw in Colorado, but the bristlecones we saw were nowhere the size of these trees.

It’s just like looking at the stars on a dark summer’s night; it really kind of puts you in your place in the grand scheme of things. We humans are pretty small and insignificant comparatively speaking, yet we can have such devastating effects.

Go out in the woods and take the time to really look around you. It’s pretty amazing what you can find if you just slow down to look, listen, smell, and sometimes even taste.

Perhaps it will awaken something in you as well.