April 29th, 2021

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Such a cool, interesting label on this bottle

Meghan was here last week and we cracked open this bottle of a new wine I bought called “Freakshow”. This is a bold, delicious Cab with a lot of body and flavor and it’s wrapped in a very cool label. I would definitely recommend this wine and I’ll buy it again. It was worth the splurge spending a few more dollars to try something new and interesting.

I got my ‘rona booster and today is two weeks after that so my immunities should be good but I will still take precautions and mask up. I had the flu-like symptoms about 12 hours afterwards and into the next morning but I got up, got busy, and it subsided. I was still tired and a little achey but the worst part was over. Still better than a ventilator.

No more ponytail! After a year and a half I finally got a haircut last week. I just couldn’t be that “long-haired bald guy” any longer but was not getting a haircut until the ‘rona calmed down and I got my shots. With the weather getting warmer it will also be nice and cool once again. Now that I got my hair cut I can have a good picture on my new passport for the next 10 years. I hope to get that done in the next few days before I go in for surgery. One less thing to do afterwards, and I am sure I will have plenty of other stuff to worry about.

And, finally…the biggest news…

I go in hospital next Monday in preparation for my surgery on Thursday. Essentially I have to go in and spend four days there before surgery just to be on an IV. I had pushed all of this aside in my mind, knowing it has to be done, but still scared as hell. That changed after I saw the doctor last week and even more so after this past Tuesday’s appointment to sign the surgery paperwork. Now I am REALLY fucking scared about it all but it has to be done. At least it is now only a double bypass; originally they were thinking it would be a triple but the surgeon said that the stent they already put in is working its magic and he is happy with how that is progressing. That was some really good news.

As I was driving home from the surgeon appointment my truck broke down on me so I had to get it towed again. Luckily I was not far from home but it is still a pain in the ass. I am not sure what broke but after looking into it I think that I have a pretty good idea of what’s wrong with it. I just cannot deal with it now since I don’t want to leave it someplace for several weeks. I won’t be able to drive after surgery anyway so I will just have it fixed when I get back home. At least I had already gotten most of the things done I needed to get done before surgery, but not everything was finished so I may have to get a ride to run a few last-minute errands.

I will, quite obviously, be out of commission for a while afterwards. I will post something when I have something to post and I am able to do so. My recovery will be my main focus…that is the most important thing to be concerned with.

December 30th, 2020

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I had to go do a curbside pickup for a few things this morning and while in town I decided to go ahead and get my bike helmet purchased. The supply and color selection was limited but I was not waiting another day and I am glad to have that taken care of so I can ride. Even though it is supposed to rain, it was sunny for a time this morning after I got back but then the clouds blew in and it looked like rain so I could not get out today. I got the dog out for a quick hike of the leg (his) and there was some light precipitation falling. I woulda gotten wet, and that’s no big deal, but it isn’t really good for an e-bike to get wet. Perhaps the weather will have a break over the next few days (despite the forecast) and I can go for a spin on it.

I was looking at some maps to look at how far it is to some places I want to go on the bike and how to get there. Most of those places are within 11-12 miles of where I am living. That is well-within the range on my e-bike even if I would be using only the electric motor and not pedaling (which I am gonna pedal). Almost all of that is on trails and backroads so no major traffic to deal with. For now it is only a Class II bike (top speed 18 mph) so I can ride it on sidewalks (if I wanted to), but when I get to the point I want to go faster and use it as a Class III (top seed 28 mph) it will be only to ride on the street (and anything above that is considered a motor vehicle and treated as such). I suggest if you get an e-bike check local and state laws before you get one and see what the laws are where you live or want to ride. I have learned a lot about the laws and you can get into trouble and be fined/ticketed for being in the wrong place. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws. Don’t whine if you get busted.

I need to figure out something with the dog on biking adventures, but I think the first couple trips will be just me so I can get used to the bike; I don’t really want to mess with holding a leash while figuring it out. I gotta get him a dog pack and water bottle for adventures. I can run him up and down the driveway with ]out a leash to see how he will respond but I just don’t think he is ready for that yet.

I got a special new-customer promotion on another meal plan called EveryPlate so I signed up for the discounts then I will pause it as needed. They also have a link to give to people so (DISCLAIMER) if you click on this you get a $20 credit and so do I. It looks to be just like all of the other meal plans you see advertised and there are some very interesting recipes, especially in the pasta section (which I am trying to cut back on). I have a few days until the meals get here from the two different meal kit places so I have some time to eat more food out of the freezer and free up some containers.

I know for New Year’s I will be staying home like all my friends are doing, avoiding gatherings and staying well. I might grab a carton of Guinness to bring home to toast but not much else. I am still not drinking much Tito’s or Grey Goose these days, but I don’t really think much about it. There will be no driving anywhere after dark (if even at all) with the annual New Year’s Eve Amateur Night taking place on the roadways. We’ll see if I even stay awake until midnight!

Speaking of adult beverages, I was thinking a while back that I really have not had much wine the last several months. I like a nice wine and craft beers due to the talent it takes to make some really good ones of both. I did get to the point where it was nice to have a glass or two with a good meal, but since it is just me I have to drink it all myself in two or three nights (at most) so it doesn’t go bad. I will have to grab a bottle or two to go with my meal kit meals.

That is about all for now.


May 19th, 2018

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I took this short video in my backyard today.

I hung these flags up over my Japanese maple a few days ago. I picked these up in Kansas City, MO on one of the many trips I made when my mom was sick. I got them at a store called Temple Slug a few blocks from the hospital. I remember hearing their ads on the radio in the 70s. They were one of the first stores selling waterbeds in the Kansas City area and they still do.

I had never been in there before that day but always wanted to go there. I had always thought it was waterbeds and what they used to call “head shops” back in the day – a place to buy bongs and other “smoking accessories”. I think they might have even sold concert tickets back then. Perhaps it was, but now they are selling decorative imported things for the home along with beds and futons.

I would like to get another set for the trailer. I actually bought these to put in the trailer and while cleaning and organizing I saw them and thought I would put them up in a special place. Japanese maples usually turn red and that was my mom’s favorite color.

Speaking of red, last night I cracked open a bottle of 19 Crimes shiraz from 2017. I had not had that one yet and wanted to try it. Unfortunately I discovered before it was too late that the bottle had a bottom and it is now all gone. It was pretty good but I liked the last bottle better. With the bottle ending up being empty I guess it was more than okay! I picked up another Dark Red one today.

I am enjoying one last long weekend before the change in my days off. It has been a busy two days and I did get quite a lot done so tomorrow is a down day.

I decided to not take the trailer out this weekend for a couple of reasons. It has been quite busy (meaning traffic and being crowded) with the nicer weather but the main reason is my broken license plate bracket. I ordered the parts but they did not get here in time. I could probably put it in the back window to get by but I don’t want to get hassled by the law either. I also needed to get a few personal things taken care of.

I got some things done yesterday; post office stop to mail some things, a storage unit run, a badly needed acupuncturist appointment. I also stopped by the RV repair place and they said it was going to be about $700 to fix the cracked shower pan in the trailer. Yikes AND damn!! Looks like I am going to have to attempt to try and fix it myself with that cost. I then got the futon out of the cabin and put it under the carport. It was just too big for the space so I removed it and got my recliner out of storage. That freed up a ton of real estate inside my cabin.

Today I went to eat at my other neighbors’ restaurant. Delicious homemade biscuits and gravy with home fries. They are the neighbors that gave me the cinnamon roll. They had maple bacon pastries, gluten-free and vegan items. A pretty good place to eat and I’ll be going back to eat at their place as well as my other neighbor’s restaurant.

After breakfast I flushed the water system in the trailer and I forgot just how long that takes. Flushing the water system is easy but time-consuming. Flush out the water line anti-freeze until the faucets run clear, fill the tank back up and sanitize by adding bleach and running the faucets until they smell like chlorine, then rinse until no smell and drain. The draining is the time-suck. It’s all done now. I started the process and while that was going I ran the old-time reel mower around the estate to cut the grass. There’s five minutes of the day shot.

Other time was taken up by oiling my new hiking boots for work so I can start the fun of breaking them in. Another coat tomorrow and then I am putting them on. They are the ones I tried on in Bozeman last trip there and I really liked them. Quite spendy but they ought to last for a long time. I have never broken in boots like this and I have heard about the blisters and such. I think I just might want to avoid that.

I replaced the stove bolts on the rear tube bumper with carriage bolts so the sewer hoses can actually fit in the bumper like it was designed. The heads of the original bolts stuck up inside the tube and were blocking the hoses from fitting inside. Maybe the sewer hoses that I bought are bigger than the ones that came with it and have a tougher time fitting. They are in there now!

I am kicked back in the recliner, typing this and watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – a classic – for the umpteenth time. I think tomorrow I will get some supplies and cook up at least one dish. I’ll have to check my freezer space first. I’ve got a bag of salmon burgers at Costco a few weeks ago and have been grilling them but my freezer is not that big and they take up some space. I started to put recipes in my shopping list so I have some ideas always with me in my iPhone.

Well, Ferris is now asleep and I am going to put this thing away and relax. Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

April 22nd, 2018

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For the first time in a long time I am cooking on a grill. The weather is perfect to be outside – sunshine and 67 degrees – so I am taking full advantage of it.

I am using a hibachi which I was given a few years back. I had it in the trailer to use for trips, but I thought I’d bring it into my new back yard and use it at home. I have been thinking about getting a grill and was torn between charcoal or gas. I have used a propane grill before, and it is the ease of use that rocks with those. The purist side of me prefers charcoal for the taste, however, and the hibachi is pretty easy and inexpensive to use since it takes very little charcoal (and I already had it!).

Before I started grilling I trimmed the grass with a trimmer (yay small yard!) and added a new plant to the space…a 5′ palm tree that was left at work and given to me to start my own little tropical paradise. It looks pretty good next to the Japanese maple.


My back yard

The maple actually opened up more in the last hour so it is going to be a spectacular  display. My strawberry basket is bringing on fruit, my tomato plant is doing good and the flowers I put in my brightly-colored pots are looking good. I am thinking I may still need to get a few more plants for my yard. I had some in my cart last week but put them back. I decided against it until I could arrange things and see what space is open to put plants in with the needed sun exposure.

My canoe is sitting across a corner on top of my fence so it makes the canoe a great sunshade to sit under and will help to shield my bicycle from the weather. It is also out of the way that way. I might get a canopy for the back yard to put up to keep some sun off of the house and make it cooler. There is pretty good western exposure to the sun and I think it’s gonna get warm inside the house and that won’t work for me. I cannot sleep when it is hot.

I have some bee and butterfly flower seeds to plant that will help give them some food. I need to figure out where to put them so they do not get too close to my yard. I want to spend time out there this summer but don’t want to take the chance on anyone getting stung. I might sprinkle them in front of my house and that should lure them away from my outdoor activities. I saw bumblebees in my yard this morning and maybe this will entice them to stay away from there. It’s good for the planet to help the bees. It’s good for ALL of us to help the bees.

My daughters were recently raving about a wine called “19 Crimes”. Their comments had me curious about it so I wanted to get some. The store I go to has been out of it for a month, but while I was there today I checked and they got in a shipment of the “Bold Red” so I snagged a bottle. I would really like to open it but it is only 2:45 in the afternoon and if I started now and REALLY like it I’d probably be shit-faced by 5 PM. Maybe I’ll wait and have a glass or two with my supper. Probably a better idea, and I’ll have the rest to drink with supper tomorrow. I do like good wine so I am anxious to give it a taste.

Work is going fine and I am anxious to get into the season to see how it is going to be. I am sure it will be busy but maybe not quite like the previous place I was at. I will be doing a few different things than where I last worked so it will be interesting when things ramp up.

Speaking o my trailer, this nice weather is giving my “travelin’ Jones” a workout. I am ready to get the Scotty out on the road now that things I needed to get done are getting finished up and my time will be mine once again. I’ve been a few places the last couple of weekends but that was to do errands. I should be able to get away within the next month for a road trip and I am also looking at another flight to KS to visit. Flight prices have been a bit steep between Seattle and KC but I really need to get a visit in soon. Maybe I can get a flight booked in the next few days.



An Interesting Evening

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I went down to the Chinese restaurant for a late supper. It was a bit surreal experience tonight.

It was like one of those black & white movies from to 40s or 50s – dark sidewalk in a small town, with a little diner with flashing lights in the window that is open into the wee hours (well, 10 PM at least!). And I’m sitting in this movie – loving every little thing abou it. You know the type of movie I’m talking about. “Film noir” would be the genre.

I have not had the opportunity to do this much since I have never really lived in a city so I’m going to do often. I remember doing this a few times in Denver when I still lived in CO. The dive bars on Broadway – The Hornet was the first one I went to and a sentimental fave along with being a cool place. Others I cannot recall but are in that same neighborhood. Amazing NY-style pizza was to be had down Broadway from there a few doors past the Irish pub. The Guinness-sponsored double-decker bus pub-crawl my friend Tony and I went to in Denver. So this is not necessarily a new experience, but one that has not been had in a while or (in hindsight) often enough.

Maybe one of these days I’ll have a girlfriend to share these things with, but in the meantime I am not letting that keep me from doing anything. I have friends up here close-by that like to do stuff so if I want to not go solo I can arrange it with one of them. Just maybe they know cool places I do not know of and vice-versa!